If it is inaccessible by software means, there is no way to reset it (except sending it in to the manufacturer, but even that might not work as it’s an old device). Because, this device has no hardware reset button. For that reason, I strongly advise against this device. In addition, its software (PS Admin v3.00) is very old, 2004 or older, and also “looks” that old.

You can do the following to try accessing the device by software:

  • Try accessing it via its http://dlink-xxxxxx hostname, where xxxxxx are to be replaced by the last 6 digits of its MAC address.
  • Try accessing it via its default IP address Also try and [source].
  • Look into the protocol of your DHCP server to find out about its IP address. However, if the device has been set up to a manual IP configuration, no address will be shown there of course.
  • Try listing the device using the “Discover” function in PS Admin 3.0. You can download PS Admin v3.00 from dlink.it.
  • For the default password of the web interface, see here.

11 thoughts on “How to reset an inaccessible D-Link DP-300U print server?

  1. Print Server web Consol Not Open After change the IP

  2. this is my first time to see this d link this is to old and to difecold for reseting becouse it havent reset butten

  3. Another point for alvaro manosalva.

    That’s a neat trick. Do I want to know how Alvaro figured it out? 😉

  4. print server’s port status showing offline, so cant access?
    pls. help me

  5. This did the trick for me. Am pleased. Thank you.

    alvaro manosalva said on 2013-04-14 at 03:52:

    check the print server IP address on dhcp server leases and put http://*.*.*.*/tools.htm?Factory=Yes by replacing *.*.*.* by the ip of the device

  6. try that:
    Download from D-Link support the PS Admin utility.
    If the software prompts you for a password, type “SYSXXXX”, where XXXX is the last four digits of the MAC address

  7. Ugh, I’ve set mine to get an address through DHCP, as I had it registered in my company’s network. It still kept using the default, even if I set it to automatic instead of manual. Then I deleted the values in the manual section, hoping this would trick the device into receiving the ip address automatically. Result: I get no address at all, not the default, not the one that should be assigned through DHCP. Result: I can’t connect to the device anymore, to set it back to manual, or do anything at all.

    And of course, there’s no reset button. Did I deadlock it now?

    Downloading the PS Admin utility is no use, as it won’t install on my Win7 64bit device. But I doubt it would even be able to get to the device, since it doesn’t get any network connection at all.

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