What recommerce websites are there on Earth?

Researching for our startup company, we looked around what recommerce websites are available already and what features they provide. This list is intended to be: a market overview for (aspiring) remanufacturers; and for consumers, an overview on how to sell comfortably and instantly on the Internet.

The list was last updated 2012-09-08 and is by no means exhausting. New recommerce companies emerge every few days. So if you know one not in the list, welcome to add it in the comments. (And, sorry for the lack of pretty formatting: this is an unchanged data dump from our own information collection “List of Buy-In Websites”.)

Want to create an own remanufacturing business? Here is a software for that.Mintybox logo small 2012-09-10 If you want to have a website for buying used electronics and media from consumers, similar to those below, you might want to look at our Mintybox recommerce software. It’s a startup where I am personally involved since 2009-08. So far we’re serving the German market, but welcome to drop us a line if you are from an international location. We will try to find a solution for your requirements!

Recommerce sites in order of country, then in alphanumeric order.


  1. mazumamobile.com.au – The Australian branch of the UK based remanufacturer mazumamobile.com. They buy disused mobile phones.
  2. money4mobiles.com.au – They buy used and broken mobile phones, giving them a second life in developing nations.


  1. altehandys.at – An Austrian remanufacturer with an innovative collaboration with local T-Mobile shop dealers for trade-in.
  2. ezumo.de – A German remanufacturer who also allows to send in stuff from Austria with the provided shipment labels [source]. As of 2012-09, they buy 20 different kinds of consumer electronics and media.
  3. seller.at – They buy media, games and Lego (!).
  4. zonzoo.at – Austrian branch of German Zonzoo.


  1. flipswap.com – They used to accept online trade-ins via their website “like anybody else”, but now have moved to partnering with the Fido retail shop network to accept trade-ins there.


  1. cofidis-mobile.fr – Buy-in page of the mobile network operator Cofidis mobile. Powered with software of the of the recommerce.com white-label recommerce solutions provider, and running through their remanufacturing processes.
  2. fonebank.fr – Buying used phones online with instant quotes, like others.
  3. love2recycle.fr – Cash for used phones, with instant quotes.
  4. misterrecycle.com – Site not working as of 2012-09.
  5. monextel.com – The own buy-in site of the recommerce.com white-label recommerce solutions provider. It’s part of the solidarity economy, by employing socially challenged people in remanufacturing and by donating from the sales revenue.
  6. invendus por priceminister.com – An electronics buy-in site for members of PriceMinister only. Login required. Powered with software from the recommerce.com white-label recommerce solutions provider, and running through their remanufacturing processes.
  7. nrjmobile.fr – Buy-in page of the mobile network operator NRJ Mobile. Powered with software of the of the recommerce.com white-label recommerce solutions provider, and running through their remanufacturing processes.
  8. recycler.fr – The new, second buy-in site of the recommerce.com white-label recommerce solutions provider. Launched 2012-03.
  9. recyclez-moi.fr – Buying many consumer electronics items, with online instant quotes.
  10. recyclage-mobiles.bouyguestelecom.fr – Buy-in page of the mobile network operator Bouyges Telecom. Powered with software of the of the recommerce.com white-label recommerce solutions provider, and running through their remanufacturing processes.
  11. recyclage-portable-mobile.afonemobile.fr – Buy-in page of the mobile network operator Afone Mobile. Powered with software of the of the recommerce.com white-label recommerce solutions provider, and running through their remanufacturing processes.
  12. recyclage-portable.virginmobile.fr – Buy-in page of the mobile network operator Virgin Mobile. Powered with software of the of the recommerce.com white-label recommerce solutions provider, and running through their remanufacturing processes.
  13. mister-reprise.com – Funny site, buying disused phones for cash via their website.


Note: There’s also a German version of this part.

  1. 1-2-ankauf.de – A relatively small / low-effort site, buying media and video games.
  2. abwrackhandy.de – A German site that appears as if a small business is cloning wirkaufens.de.
  3. ezumo.de – As of 2012-09, they buy 20 different kinds of consumer electronics and media.
  4. Amazon Trade-In – Amazon offers trade-in for used books since 2011-08-16, in collaboration with a third-party company [source].
  5. ankauf.buecher.de – A site buying used books, with some inspirations for ours.
  6. bamas.de – Not functional as of 2012-09-08.
  7. barfix.de – They buy DVDs, CDs and video games.
  8. blidad.de – They buy media, video games and board games.
  9. buchankauf24.de – A book-only buy-in site.
  10. buchankauf-online.de – They buy media (books, DVDs, CDs, BluRay). They sell via their Amazon shop and also state that openly on their site.
  11. buchkiste.de – They buy books, CDs, DVDs, video games and gaming consoles.
  12. buchpfand.de – They bought 90k books from 2008-09 to 2012-09.
  13. buchshuttle.de – A book buy-in site of one bookshop (Buchhandlung Oliver Barz). Small but nice.
  14. buchx.de – They buy books. Data entry by ISBN, and they also offer to lend barcode readers for even faster data entry of large amounts.
  15. buecher-ankauf-berlin.de – Site that buys just only books online, since 2008-03.
  16. cashfix.de – A site buying audio and video media, playstations and games.
  17. cash4mobile.com – You can sell and donate a used phone here. Operated by ProPhone Solutions B.V..
  18. cd-andrae.de – A chain of three used-media stores in Ruhrgebiet, since ca. 1987. They buy right in their store, and have a guy travelling all over Germany to buy larger collections of media, all for ca. 20-30% of their new price or below.
  19. cd-cash.de – Buys CDs. Broken as of 2012-09.
  20. chingching.de – They buy all kinds of wearable electronics devices, and also software and computers.
  21. crazydeal.de – They buy CDs, DVDs and video games.
  22. der-online-ankauf.de – They buy all kinds of electronics, but the offers are made manually on request.
  23. eBay Sofort-Verkauf – A cooperation of Flip4New with eBay, in analogy to eBay Instant Sale in the U.S.. The program started in Germany on 2011-07-28 [source].
  24. einfach-clever-verkaufen.de – They buy CDs, DVDs, BluRays, books, video games and gaming consoles.
  25. envirofone.de – They buy used phones. Dysfunctional as of 2012-09-08.
  26. eurozahler.de – Registered as “SpyLive Entertainment & Security Devices Ltd.” in Cardiff, UK, but no UK branches were found. So probably just used for the legal form before the advent of German “UG haftungsbeschränkt”.
  27. flip4new.de – A trade-in operator, offering also actual trade-ins for exchange into new articles or coupons. They have an eBay shop to sell.
  28. flohhaus.de – Buying media and video games. Looking good.
  29. future-x.de – Webshop for used software, also having a simple form to buy in software.
  30. gebraucht-medien-ankauf.de – They buy media, video games and phones.
  31. geldgegenware.com – They buy media, video games, consumer electronics and games.
  32. global-media24.de – Probably a media buy-in site. Broken (white screen) as of 2012-09.
  33. goldankauf-postankauf.de – A site buying gold, offering an inspiring “ready to go shipment set”.
  34. handy-bestkauf.de – A buy-in site for mobile phones, powered by equilibrium GmbH since 2009.
  35. ichkaufealles.de – Buys all media and video games.
  36. ichkaufsab.de – Buys books, CDs, DVDs and video games.
  37. ihr-ankauf.de – Claims to have bought ~900k books as of 2012-09 already.
  38. medienankauf.de – A site buying video games, movies and audio media, with an inspiring process.
  39. medienkosmos.de – They buy media and video games.
  40. de.mintybox.com – This is us (just starting up)! That is, our buy-in portal for several merchants. We provide the trade-in software, but do not buy in items ourselves.
  41. medialux24.de – And still with test data in it, not finished as of 2012-09. However, werzahltmehr.de claims they have them in their comparison already [source].
  42. mobile2cash.de – A buy-in site for seven brands of mobile phones.
  43. momox.de – A site buying used CDs, DVDs and video games. What’s interesting is that they do the price calculation by requesting prices in real-time from other websites. They are really big and well known. Among other things, they have smartphone apps to be used as barcode scanners for selling to them.
  44. notebookankauf.com – They buy defective notebooks, but not with an immediate offer.
  45. phonehouse.de – A smartphone webshop that offers phone trade-ins as a special, at shop.phonehouse.de/specials/tradeIn/.
  46. rebuy.de – A site that buys and sells on the same site; but only movies, books and iPods. Big and well-known.
  47. recellular.com – They buy 6 million mobile phones yearly.
  48. regame.de – They buy video games, DVDs and BluRays.
  49. secondhandcds.de – They buy and sell CDs, DVDs, BluRays and video games, on the same site. They also offer iPhone and Android apps for the buy-in.
  50. sellfix.de – They buy video games, DVDs, CDs. Not a small site!
  51. software-ankauf.de – Specialized on buying used software licences.
  52. schreiber-electronics.de – A company buying via eBay from us and others, and selling successfully for even more.
  53. top-ankauf.de – They buy DVDs, BluRay discs and video games.
  54. turboankauf.de – They buy books, CDs, DVDs and BluRays. Located in Limburg/Lahn.
  55. verkauf-deine-cds.de – They buy all CDs and also all vinyl / gramophone records, with and without bar code.
  56. verkaufsuns.de – They buy all kinds of consumer electronics.
  57. wegmitdenalten.de – Buys caming consoles, movies and audio CDs.
  58. wirkaufens.de – A very professional and dynamic German trade-in startup, also known previously as asgoodas.nu.
  59. zeedee.de – They buy CDs, DVDs and BluRay online and have a brick-and-mortar shop to sell them. And they provide an iPhone and Android app for selling to them, using the smartphone as a barcode reader.
  60. zonzoo.de – A larger German based, but internationally operating buy-in business for mobile phones. Partially, they sell them to third world countries. They are probably the first company in the German electronics recommerce market.
  61. zoxs.de – They buy mobile phones, video game equipment and media.


  1. webuy.com – A multinational site, doing buy-in and sale on the same page, even in the same offers. ie.webuy.com is their Irish branch.


  1. webuy.com – A multinational site, doing buy-in and sale on the same page, even in the same offers. es.webuy.com is their Spanish branch.


  1. redimox.ch – They buy all kinds of media and electronics, and also video games and other software.

United Kingdom

  1. bootsrecycle.co.uk
  2. cash4phones.co.uk
  3. cashinmyfone.co.uk
  4. ecourmobile.co.uk
  5. envirofone.co.uk
  6. fonebank.co.uk
  7. fonecraze.co.uk
  8. fonehub.co.uk
  9. gadgetxchange.co.uk
  10. love2recycle.co.uk
  11. mazuma.co.uk
  12. mazumamobile.com – They claim to have paid out 100 million GBP already.
  13. mfyp.co.uk
  14. mirrorgogreen.co.uk
  15. mobilecashmonster.co.uk
  16. mobilecashmate.co.uk
  17. mobilephonexchange.co.uk
  18. money4mymobile.co.uk
  19. money4urmobile.co.uk
  20. moolamobile.co.uk
  21. mopay.co.uk
  22. phonerecyclebank.co.uk
  23. recyclemymobi.co.uk
  24. remobilerecycle.co.uk
  25. rpcrecycle.co.uk
  26. simplydrop.co.uk
  27. simplyrecycle.co.uk
  28. skyphones.co.uk
  29. thephonebuyer.co.uk
  30. topdollarmobile.co.uk
  31. usedfone.co.uk
  32. recellular.com
  33. webuy.com – A multinational site, doing buy-in and sale on the same page, even in the same offers. uk.webuy.com is their UK branch.

United States

  1. Amazon Trade-in program – They state, “Trade-in items are purchased by a third party merchant.”. It is not clear so far if this is always the same, or if Amazon acts as a “remanufacturing tool provider” like we want to do with Mintybox.
  2. buymytronics.com – Buy-back programs for the main categories of electronic devices, like PDAs, mobile phones, digital cameras.
  3. cellforcash.com – Buying disused mobile phones. Broken as of 2012-09-08.
  4. cellularrecycler.com – They collect mobile phones in collaboration with schools and non-profit organizations, for fund-raising purposes only.
  5. cellitused.com – Around since 2005, buying all the mobile phones.
  6. eBay Instant Sale – eBay does however not offer this feature itself, but in combination with one eBay reseller named AllTechWholeSale. This is shown for every selected item, so it seems eBay does not act as a portal currently, so is no competitor for Mintybox.
  7. ecollective.com – One can dispose old and unwanted electronics at their locations in California (nothing outside that as of 2012-03). Their website is optimized for mobile devices only, for some reason.
  8. empties4cash.com – Company in California buying empty inkjet and laser cartridges, and alternatively, letting users support charity with their donations of waste.
  9. gazelle.com – A very large and high-quality buy-in site that collected 5 million in venture capital for their endeavour. They’re website is based on RubyOnRails (I once got the Rails failure box =). They sell also via an eBay store.
  10. ibuyphones.com – Buying used cellphones for cash via their website.
  11. iretron.com – A California based company, founded 2011, offering to buy and else recycle the most common electronic gadgets.
  12. myboneyard.com – MyBoneYard is a U.S. based company buying the main categories of consumer electronics.
  13. nextworth.com – Buying consumer electronics, movies and video games via their site. They seem to be around since 2005 already.
  14. pacebutler.com – Buying used cellphones. In contrast to basically all the others, you just pack and send in the phones, without the need to register them online before. Prices are provided as PDF lists to look through.
  15. phoneiscash.com – Buying phones, iPods, iPads and games online.
  16. simplysellular.com – Buying all kinds of mobile phones. They mail an envelope to send it in.
  17. techforward.com – They offer a “guaranteed buy-back” program that can be bundled with new electronics, stating that people will get 50% for up to 6 month old devices, down to 20% for 2 years old devices. Around since 2005.
  18. usedphones.com – California based company doing desktop phone system repair and refurbishment since 1987, also buying used phone equipment via their site.
  19. webuy.com – A multinational site, doing buy-in and sale on the same page, even in the same offers. us.webuy.com is their US branch.
  20. yourenew.com – Around since 2009, buying all popular consumer electronics.

Special: Cars

  1. webuyanycar.com – Broken as of 2012-09-08.
  2. tradein.autotrader.com – AutoTrader is actually a network of many car dealers, and the trade in is also managed by several trading centers which do the final inspection before buying the car.
  3. wecometoyouwithcash.com – Auto Buyer is buying cash at ones home or office for cash, in California, Texas and Florida. 30+ years in the business.
  4. cash4usedcars.com – Cash for Cars, having bought 50k cars since 1980 in the U.S..
  5. sellthecar.com – They promise to collect the car from all locations in the U.S..







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  1. India’s First ReCommerce portal which allows instant price discovery mechanism, free shipment pickup and prompt direct payment for sellers of Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops & iPods.

  2. ReCommerce site in India – budli.in for used gadgets

  3. A new and emerging website in Ireland who do recommerce well are http://www.athcom.ie or http://www.recommerce.ie (blog)

  4. http://cash4new.de Site that buys just only iPhones and iPads online

  5. keke

    On retrouve également http://smartselect.fr en france

  6. http://www.vintagecashcow.com Accept a huge range of items in any condition. The whole thing is free, they’ll even pick up your box for you to save you a trip to the post office!

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