Life's problem is death

Just some minutes ago (on this 2007-09-30) I got the message that
somebody I knew for
some years before I moved to my current place … has

This life is no fun, essentially. Morbidity is 100%. Whatever you or
I might be doing right now, it is for sure that it will end at our
death or even before. Whatever there might be, death renders it
senseless. So, face this: death is the most urgent problem in this
life. As it is the ultimate threat to all life, to our very existence.
So to deal appropriately with this life, our foremost activity is to
fight death. Find a way out of this senseless vanity!!! Even
sacrificing a “normal job career” for removing death is surely worth
the effort.

Now, is there any way out. People invented different religions to
imagine there is a solution, but it quiets our mind while our body
dies. People invented medicine but it prolongs time while our body
dies. If there is any hope here, than by Jesus. Who is said to have
died and resurrected, that is, to have conquered death.

Which makes the activity of fighting death to be concretely the
activity to check if Jesus is right, and how to overcome death by his
grace. Oh guys … I want soooo much to be absolutely, absolutely,
absolutely sure about Jesus conquering death, and my eternal life. How
to be? How to be? How to become sure? How? Jesus lived 2,000 years ago,
and I live 2,000 years later. How to overcome that distance? How to
overcome the problem of historic proof where it is even impossible to
know what exactly I did yesterday? Jesus is said to live in people’s
heart. But that is no proof as we even don’t know what “heart” is,
actually. And what is man, actually?

Sigh … . I remember all this fact based, truth based relating to
Jesus’ resurrection that I find in the four Gospels and the Letters of
Paul, John, Peter, James and Jude. What value have these reports it in
this time? I cannot refer myself or anybody else to any kind of
experience or recent report of it that could serve as
justification for a faith in the Gospel.

Sigh … . It seems that my life task will be to face death. And
find eternal life to be the present of God. And find how to be
justifiably and confessably sure about this and to tell other people
about this. We’ve gotta remember the severity of life, that is: it ends
by death (or worse, eternal death) unless you have eternal life for
sure. There’s only this one thing left to place into my life. Getting
assured of my eternal life, really and justifiably sure, perceiving
this to be the truth, the truth and nothing but the truth. Then, to
tell people about what I’ve found.

Folks!!!! You cannot expect people to convert to a God that is only
in your words!!!! You guys must be able to show God to them, make them
sure and let them experience that God exists and acts today. And forget
all these light, subjective, emotional and psychological “proofs” for
that. Real, “hard” works of God are needed here. Things he
does, not just your words. Things he does, not just
your words. What does it help you or the people around you if
God is in your thoughts, heart and mind, but not active in your life?
How can you discern such a God from a mere concept????

Our God, Father. How can I explain your Gospel to somebody without a
proof for it? How can people begin to search and respect you, how else
if not by tasting your reality?? So show us, please, Dad.

Start date: 2007-09-30
Post date: 2007-10-01
Version date: 2007-10-02 (for last meaningful change)






2 responses to “Life's problem is death”

  1. Anonymous

    In my opinion faith is the way to overcome the long time between Jesus Christ and today.

    “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1, ESV)

    Can a husband find scientific proof for his wife’s love or faithfulness to be absolutely sure? I don’t think so. He has to trust her.

    Faith in Christ has a higher dimension as physical visible miracles or works can show the people. So in my opinion it’s not necessary to see those to be able to tell other people about Christ.

    –Brother Joe

  2. matew

    Hi bro,

    thanks for clarifying that faith in Jesus is more than just knowing … indeed, trusting God as a person is implied, in the sense of forward extrapolation into the future.

    Your husband-and-wife example shows this perfectly: just as a husband trusts that his wife will be faithful, we have to trust that Jesus will act as our saviour when we die.

    However, I think that before it is justifiable to “trust”, one difference between the relationships to God and men has to be dealt with. That is, people are visible and touchable and God is not.

    A husband can find scientific proof for his wife’s existence … and does, empirically, by touching her 😉 There’d be no meaning in trusting a wife whose very existence is in question.

    Therefore I think that I need confirmation of God’s reality (by miracles) before I deem it justified to trust God as a person. Justified means here: communicateable to others; I do trust also if I feel it’s unjustified.

    But see also my newer post Inability-enabled faith … it might be that miracles are far less necessary than I thought. That depends on what “believing something” means. Feel free to comment that post!


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