The symptom is that KMail won't fetch mails for one of your IMAP accounts anymore, and if you open Akonadi Console (akonadiconsole), it shows there "Connection established" for the resources in question, rather than "Ready" as it should say.

To fix this (until it recurrs), open the Akonadi Console (akonadiconsole) and restart the akonadi server via "Server -> Restart Server" in the menu. It's also possible to restart the akonadi server from the command line.

This issue is related to KDE bug 257969, and as explained there in comment #8, it's a common symptom of several other issue reports. See there for more information if restarting the akonadi server did not help you.

One thought on “How to fix KMail’s akionadi resource being stuck on “connection established”?

  1. Wow. I never knew about the akonadiconsole. I’ve been rebooting to solve this problem until now. Any idea how to make it easier to notice when this has happened? Sometimes I go half a day before I start to wonder why my inbox is so quiet.

    Not sure if it’s still the same root cause but this ‘fix’ still works on KDE 5 in 2017. Thanks for posting the workaround.

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