This is a list of what parts are interchangeable in the HTC Desire, Incredible and Sensation family of devices. Of all reasonably current devices that can run a custom Android ROM as of 2013-01), these devices are the most widespread in continental Europe (excluding the UK). Knowing about parts compatibility makes it even simpler to repair them.

All information in the chart is from various sources on the Internet and partially by own experience. No guarantees for correctness whatsoever!

    Desire Incredible Sensation  
  model no.s     S   HD  Z           XE  additional
accumulator BG32100
BA S450
BA S530
x x   x     7, Mozart, Salsa
BA S470
x       Inspire 4G
BA S410
x       Nexus One, Bravo
backside speaker                    
body parts   x x  
ear speaker                    
microphone     x x       x x Gratia, HD mini, Rhyme, Sensation XL, Titan, Touch Pro 2, Trophy
power button                    
volume button                    

Notes: "x" = compatible, "–" = not compatible, "  " = unknown but probably not. This is work in progress.

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