This should be no problem but it is – because the integrated print feature of the iPad only works with “AirPrint compatible” printers. So what is AirPrint? I don’t care.

We have a network-enabled PCL speaking HP LaserJet 2200dtn printer here and the iPad has to print to this. No AirPrint. PCL. So I looked through all the option for two hours and here are the results.

Recommended options:

  • Microtech Corp. ePrint: Available for 2.86 EUR from the App store. Be sure to add the bookmarklet to Safari as mentioned in the ePrint manual in order to have the most comfort for printing web pages.

Not recommended options:

  • Wellala Printer Test for Print Magic: Also a stand-alone printing app like ePrint and therefore worth a try (as these seem to be the only such apps). It did print the test page o.k. to the LaserJet 2200 after entering the printer’s IP manually. However it can only print by “copy and paste” and it seems that some formatting (like HTML tables) will get lost doing so [source].
  • Printer Pro Lite: Failed to print the test page (printer showed some short flashing of the orange LED and nothing printed).
  • EuroSmartz printing apps: They all require a separate server app to be installed on the computer [source], which is unacceptable in our case as no computer might be running.

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