What is a recommendable free web hosting control panel?


I got quite annoyed by the vendor lock-in of Plesk Panel, so now I'm looking for a free and open alternative. The requirements were quite straight-forward:

  • good software quality
  • free and open source software
  • running on a Linux server
  • multi-domain capability
  • multi-client capability
  • FTP, webserver and e-mail configuration support
  • per-client SSH access


List of alternatives that I looked into, ranked by my subjective evaluation of matching the above requirements, the best first. First the panels that I consider the best for the above requirements, and they are all nearly on par:

  • ISPConfig. My personal first choice. See Wikipedia on ISPConfig. They have a live demo version available, which looks nice and stable, and with a whole lot of functionality, incl. five different modes how to host PHP, even with naming templates for database naming etc.. My only "complaint" would be that the multi-server features are also all over the place, which is overkill / distracting for our simpler requirements.
  • AlternC. I like their clean and simple user interface a lot. Their live demo version works well. Written mostly in PHP. Seems not as feature rich as ISPConfig, but simpler to use. For being used by non-techie users, I would choose this one, while for myself, I would choose ISPConfig.
  • ZPanel. Also a feature-complete hosting control panel.
  • Virtualmin. A variant of the well-known Webmin panel, adding website management features though additional modules. Written in Perl and modular, though due to its age the user interface is somewhat outdated and complicated, including the naming of items (such as "virtual servers" for "domains").

Other panels:

  • GNUPanel. See its website. Nice project, but not yet feature complete and it still has to mature. Plans for version 2.0 are well under way though.
  • Domain Technologie Control. Indeed still a very active project [source], but with just one main developer, so no warranties for the future. The DTC documentation however is extremely outdated (with comical overtones when they praise SysCP and Web-cp as "very good" [source], both dead since 4 resp. 8 years now). I did not like the self-praise in their docs, so did not even bother to try the software. Which I would have done however if there would be a live demo …
  • OpenPanel. Interesting architecture with a core written in C++, but so far not yet the full feature set as available in, for example, ISPConfig.
  • Froxlor. I have installed Froxlor on one web server, and I'm not really happy with their software quality then (2013-03), esp. the UI logic. Once it's running and you found your way around configuration issues, it works pretty stable though.
  • i-MSCP. Looked quite promising until I saw it does not support per-user SSH access [source].
  • Kloxo. Seems not really in active development any more [source], and its history is quite bumpy.
  • Webmin. One of the oldest web-based control panels, with its first release on 1997-10-05 [source]. Virtualmin, a derivative of Webmin, seems preferrable over Webmin for webserver management since it adds the website management features directly [source], while they probably could be added to Webmin as modules.
  • Usermin. A variant of Webmin, but not strictly for website management. Rather for user-level computer management. Virtualmin is the variant to choose for website management.
  • ispCP. No per-user SSH support, so not applicable for our requirements. Also, superseded by the fork i-MSCP.
  • SysCP. No per-user SSH support, so not applicable for our requirements. Dead since four years [source].
  • Baifox. Dead since 2009.
  • WebsitePanel. Only for Windows-based hosting [source].
  • EHCP. No information on this.
  • Ajenti. They say "Ajenti is a server control panel, not a hosting control panel." [source], means it is not possible to manage domains, clients etc. with this. Not for our purposes here, but an impressive project anyway.
  • Aegir. Impressive features and even a command line client for hosting management, but it is meant only for Drupal site deployment [source], not as a generic web hosting control panel.









3 responses to “What is a recommendable free web hosting control panel?”

  1. Hi, we (ServerPilot) are a new, free hosting control panel that doesn’t quite yet have all of the features you’re looking for.


    In 2014 we plan to add support for per-client accounts, including per-client SSH/SFTP access. We also don’t configure email, we’re focused right now on webserver configuration.

    But, in case we’re useful to you for some of your servers and websites, I wanted to let you know about us. Don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions.


  2. Hi,

    I’ve been using ISPconfig 3 almost 2 years. It has great features but there are problem with updates. When I’ve updated to newer version, something went broken. So my clear opinion is that you must really care about ISPconfig.

    After ISPConfig experience I tried IMSCP. It’s really different CP aimed for web-hosting providing. Doesn’t have extra features like ISPConfig but I found it stable and you can configure it in your own way. Installer ask you if you want fpm, mod_php, mysql or postgre, … Also you can make own build from configuration file. For me it’s better IMSCP.

    After year of running IMSCP I found VestaCP. It provides Nginx as proxy for images and media content and backend is Apache. You can switch between FastCGI etc. So I give it try and I realized that it’s the best what I’ve found for my needs. Big property of vesta is speed. And I mean incredibely fast loading web pages with great security. Every user has own system account and it’s bounded with apache in their /home/public_html support ftp, sftp, ssh, nologin, bash/dash/sh, … I’m really pleased. So VestaCP is my main CP now, I can recommend it.


  3. Hello ;

    Just to say that per user SSH access is possible with i-MSCP by using the InstantSSH plugin 😉

    See http://i-mscp.net/filebase/index.php/File/18-InstantSSH/

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