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  • How to dimension a stand-alone photovoltaics installation?

    This applies for example when you want to add a photovoltaics installation to your campervan, expedition vehicle, garden hut, off-grid house or similar. For having enough electricity year-round from photovoltaics alone, battery size and module size have to be properly dimensioned. The best tool I found for this is the European Commission JRC's PV potential […]

  • What is the “lashing capacity” LC of lashing straps?

    It seems like this: The lashing capacity LC according to the norm (EN 12195-2) means the maximum allowed force on the strap in straight pull. When buying lashing straps, you might get an additional second LC measure that is double of the normal LC. This is the lashing capacity in round pull. Why is round […]

  • Gridbeam Boxes

    Currently I'm building the first parts of my truck's furniture system. The system is based on gridbeam, an awesome simple DIY construction system from the 1970's. Practically this means: boxes, room partitioning walls, shelves, desks etc. all use the same sheet material and connector elements and with the same compatible hole pattern, so one can […]

  • Expedition vehicle project overview

    Expedition vehicle project overview

    Here’s a little page with images and videos from the make-a-truck-my-home project that I have going on since … well, too long already 🙂 Enjoy! A video of the raw box body the morning after we transported it home: And a video of driving the truck to the petrol station immediately after buying it:  

  • Vehicle and body marriage

    On (Mon) 2009-02-23, I … umh, say, attended a wedding. A wedding of my 4WD truck and its box body (German: “Kofferhochzeit”). That’s at least the jargon in my favourite 4WD truck forum. Then, on (Wed) 2009-02-25, the vehicle with its new body moved places and is now just below the window of my li’le […]

  • To the 8% homeless in L.A.

    In L.A., approx. 8% of the population is living on the streets, sleeping in their cars [source]. Which is, to a significant part, an effect of the financial and economic crisis. (The L.A. numbers are the highest in th U.S. … I’m not writing here that this is a nation-wide phenomenon in the U.S.) Wait […]

  • An old draft for an expedition vehicle …

    What to do to files that are too good to throw away, and to useless to keep them in their place? Blog them! Here’s a image manipulation draft that I did to a Magirus Mercur of a friend, and to a workshop box body (that I wanted to buy originally, before getting the freezer box […]