Vehicle and body marriage

On (Mon) 2009-02-23, I … umh, say, attended a wedding. A wedding of my 4WD truck and its box body (German: “Kofferhochzeit”). That’s at least the jargon in my favourite 4WD truck forum. Then, on (Wed) 2009-02-25, the vehicle with its new body moved places and is now just below the window of my li’le flat. Very cool, because now I can work thereon whenever I’m bored of programming!

I’m gonna show you some pics of the “wedding”, but before, I need to place an “honorable mention” here: Micha, a friend of mine, really helped me in the substantial portions of preparing and executing the box body mounting. All the things that I either am not able to do or had too little experience yet: re-welding the box body subframe after decreasing its width, helping in the mounting procedure with that crazy lift station you see in the pics etc.. And, what was also very cool, he let me use his workshop and tools whenever I worked on the body or vehicle. And let me use parking spaces for the truck (for 3 months) and its body (for a year) before finally both went off together. Not to mention that he found both these perfect offers (box body and vehicle) on his journeys through resp.

Well then, the pics:

This one shows the setup before the start of the body mounting.

Yay, cool lift. Comes in very handy.

Finished, but all the tools laying around in a total mess still … 

The truck just before it left its place on (Wed) 2009-02-25. The back flap came in handy already, to load all my tools and stuff in it.







4 responses to “Vehicle and body marriage”

  1. juppi

    Ja, herzlichen Glückwunsch für das Trauzeugenamt!
    Tür und Fensterchen hast Du bestimmt anmontiert, oder?

    erinnere mich dunkel, dass die Kiste, pardon, der Koffer, zuvor irgend so ein Kühlschrank war, und die haben üblicherweise keine Fenster… (dunkel eben…)

  2. matew

    Danke für die Beglückwünschung 🙂 Ja, genau, Tür und Fenster und die Heckklappe (und die Rückwand) sind nicht original. So langsam verliert das Ding das Kühlschrank-Image … jetzt ist es, naja, eine Baustelle.

  3. Nick

    Cool Project, I’ve thought hard about dong something very similar myself. In the states I know several “van dwellers” who have pieced together a nomadic life this way. In any case best of luck to you and your project!

  4. Thanks, Nick! This truck project is still fun, but also a ton of work … the vehicle is street legal now, but not finished as I’m still working on the interior. For those who want to try something alike, better take over another’s project that is roughly as you like. Piecing everything together from parts is way more expensive and takes hundreds of hours, but there will always be those who want it “exactly” as they like and choose this way …

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