Category: anarchism

  • Iceberging

    In an article called “Choosing an island” I explored the options which island could be available for building a sovereign micro-state. The islands that are available have all their implications, however … it would be a difficult thing to do. So if we cannot choose an island to live on, then why not on an […]

  • Choosing an island

    Basically, why do we need a sovereign micro-society? The reason is not that it would be unbearable to live within a current state (some even deal quite respectfully with all their people, see e.g. the First Nations in Canada. The reason is that it could become unbearable to live in an existing state (like when […]

  • The "population market" society model

    For years I am in search of better models for society. Here is another one. Normally, states may suppress people, but the people are not able to suppress the state. This situation should be changed so that states are forced to compete for people; which would establish a “population market”. People would migrate to the […]

  • Citizen of the informal world society

    This is my view on being a social being: I am citizen of the worldwide informal society, a cosmopolitan. That is I will try to minimize obligations due to being part of any formal society or (like the German state, the European Union, any church that requires membership, anything that requires formal membership). And to […]

  • How to leave every state

    I realized that I basically do not want to live under the authority of any state whatsoever. Here is my alternative. Ok, the alternative. Found a power community of approx. 100 to 1000 people. It will utilize high tech to be as efficient as such an amount of people can ever be. Carefully selecting the […]

  • For a new mode of war

    To constructively extend my previous post, here’s my opinion how war should be used as a legitimate means. I believe, this would solve a great bunch of problems. A sovereign country or treaty organization may decide to go to war if it is attacked by a foreign army. This is the only reason where one […]

  • For the old tradition of going to war

    In old times, it is said, the king of a people would march to war in the first row. Today, politicians are absent in the wars they propagate. After watching this YouTube video clip here, I definitely want politicians to adhere to the tradition. The clip is real footage from helmet cameras of U.S. soldiers […]