This is my view on being a social being: I am citizen of the worldwide informal society, a cosmopolitan. That is I will try to minimize obligations due to being part of any formal society or (like the German state, the European Union, any church that requires membership, anything that requires formal membership). And to participate in the informal world society (the “society of the people” … the redundance is an irony against formal societies that are not for the people). Which means of course, to participate in a way that allows the world society to be functional if my behavior would be that of all its members.

Practical living in the informal world society: instead of a formal pension insurance, working for some time in an institution for old people (or a clinic) until they allow me to join when necessary.

To identify oneself mostly as “member of the informal world society” means one does not feel as (and does not want to be) a member of any formal society, that is, a society under a sovereign who rules by formal means. God, for example, does not rule by formal means, but by education (called “sanctification”).

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