Welcome to the adult world

The last weeks, I thought this several times: this is not how I expected the world of the adults to be, when I was a child. Not that I had deep thoughts about the adult world as a child, but I expected the adult world to be as good and comfortable as the child world.

But now, in the adult world …

  • You need much time and nerves to care about money, while, as a child, you got pocket money and this was just enough.
  • You are basically alone with all the tough tasks of your life, while, as a child, you was never alone and gave all the tough ones to your parents.
  • You might feel lonely, while, as a child, you always had the depth of social community that you wanted to have (it might have been totally superficial, but at least you didn’t feel lonely …).
  • Nearly all children and nearly no other adult person really wants your best, while as a child, it was just the opposite.

But wait … didn’t I miss something? Shouldn’t adult world just be just a more sophisticated child world, if taking the term “God’s child’ seriously? Hmm …






One response to “Welcome to the adult world”

  1. Anonymous

    That’s assuming an average childhood. Not all children have such a great childhood.
    And, if I’m not mistaken, you’ve chosen your own way of adulthood so don’t complain about loneliness and things 🙂

    –Bro Joe

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