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  • Ideas for Project 10^100: Natural Scientific Theology

    After the psycho hygiene system, here’s another idea that I posted to Google’s Project 10100. They collect ideas and will honor the idea that will help the most people. Practically, this means that the five best ideas are sponsored with 2 million USD on average, to be executed. It deals with settling a question that […]

  • Multiple Pentecosts

    There is this ever-ongoing discussion about when and how the baptism in the Holy Spirit happens, and / or being filled with the Holy Spirit, etc.. I’m going to present here in short my own model for that, which will probably be integrated in an anthropological model in later articles (brain / spirit discussion). First […]

  • Lowering the bar for true miracles

    On what Hume destroyed The modern secular approach to miracles is deeply influenced by the writings of David Hume. He hold the opinion that, in order to accept something as true, one has to acquire full confidence of it, and thought about the conditions that need to be in place for that [Hume, David: Über […]

  • Deistic Christology

    I presume this will get quite a mournful article. It’s not that I’m happy with what I’m going to note here, I’d really like it to be the other way round. So disprove me if you can, I’d be grateful for that. The problem starts with the sad fact that we as Christians in the […]

  • Luke on Second Acts

    “Second Acts” is a project to collect the contemporary acts of God in good historician’s manner. It was just started, but until now I don’t know if God recommends or forbids it or if he’s indifferent about it. As this is important to known, I prayed and thought about that, and here’s a thought that […]

  • Second Acts project definition

    Ok then. Finally, this is the “official” start of the Second Acts project. I’ve to admit that its predecessor project (“A Seeker’s Guide to Life”) is not yet finished. But there’s a need to move on now, away from knowing God just by words about him. Definition The project “Second Acts” is a proof that […]

  • Oh ye of little faith!

    Only a little faith … Christianity is made of mega church growing, worship concerts, sects and theological talk. Which can be reduced to human efforts, enthusiasm, cantankerousness and idling compensation. Such human stuff has ousted the divine by sheer ubiquity. And now: Where I find a sect, it makes me doubt their claims of divine […]