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  • The necessity of pragmatic faith

    Introduction In the article “Called, the third way” from 2007-12-03 I came to the conclusion that one should “[v]iew your actions as essentially human activity in obedience to God’s general will, except where God’s immediate instructions surprise you.” And in the follow-up article “What we term relationship to Jesus” I argued that “relationship”, when applied […]

  • Direct faith, lost in 1st century

    Personally, I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the saviour of mankind. But while I believe this, it feels distant: I cannot associate contemporary, concrete confirmation to this belief. These words “Jesus is the Christ” are a theory for me, and I don’t know how to apply it and live it out. Sure, I may […]

  • Without Cologne Cathedral

    The next, last and only “project” I really need to get done in this life is “Second Acts“, which deals with finding God at work in this world today, as a confirmation for my faith in God and Christ. For the project, cf. also my mindmap-style project plan in article “My vision for my life, […]

  • Reunifying sober and radical faith

    It seems to me that today, radical believers are not sober (“not that interested in truth”), while sober believers are not radical (“without effect”). But faith must be both, to have the right effect. Also, only sober and radical faith will lead to “life”, where this means a justified, appropriate and adventurous, interesting dealing with […]

  • Cmando community vision

    Introduction What situation do you want to spend our life in? What people do you want to have around? What do you want to do as your long term main activity? Here is mine variant. Living with some fellows as a permanent, mobile, technology-enabled, intentional community … serving God by serving others … and searching […]

  • Way to truth and life, fifth start

    Four dead-end roads How to arrive at a truthful and (if possible) joyful life? This is justifiably the desire of humans, and it’s my desire. I tried several ways: Child-like accepted faith. I accepted to have found truth and a joyful life through Jesus, without thinking about it. This failed when I began to think […]

  • Need my confirmation yet

    In Protestant churches, confirmation is (hopefully) when young believers are taught arguments and reasons that confirm and strengthen their faith. In my life, conformation is when Jesus confirms my faith by contemporary activity. Let me explain how I currently view faith, the basis of faith and my faith. Content vs. confirmation Do Christians believe in […]