In this case, the problem was that the soundcard’s master volume was regularly turned to mute by a program (specifically, ABUS DigiProtect 0900 Server). There had to be found a way how to keep it unchanged, and to turn it on automatically on system start.

We finally used “VolumeLock“; it is written for exactly that style of problems, and it was the perfect solution to the problem here.

Other alternatives:

  • Try out “Power Mixer“; it includes a scheduler and command line options that come in handy here.
  • Try out “IndieVolume” from; it lets you configure per-app audio volume.
  • Try out “ZVolume Pro“; it includes command line control.
  • Try out NoiseNakPlus; which is an advanced volume control.
  • Perhaps “wxmixer” has some command line options that might help here, but that’s rather improbable.

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