How can I print out a large page in a PDF document, tiled on multiple small pages, using Adobe Reader on Linux?

Acrobat Reader has no own function to print “tiled on multiple pages”, but there is a trick: use the function to print the “current view”, i.e. current screen content. After that, move the view one tile on by clicking beneath the slider in the scrollbar, and print the next view.

One can combine that with “print to file”, then re-destill the resulting postscript files to PDF files using ps2pdf, and combine the resulting PDF files using “pdftk input.[1-9].pdf cat output output.pdf” (or similar). This results in a tiled version of the document that can be printed out after that without hassle at any printer (e.g. in copy shops etc.).

This mode is also the solution to the non-working “tile” and “print on multiple pages” options in Draw 2.4, which always use portrait orientation for the tiles, regardless of the orientation you use in the printer. Therefore, the OOo internal tile functions cannot be used if you created something with the intention to tile it with
landscape A4 paper (e.g. a 1140x297mm page in OOo Draw).







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