This is the index for all the open content (licensed CC-BY 3.0) knowledge base articles of my little phone repair and modding business called "Freedom Fones".

Hope it's useful! Please report errors and inaccuracies.

Maintenance: Model specific manuals

These manuals link to other model-specific articles that are not listed here.

There are some more model-specific articles for models that don't have a manual yet:

Maintenance: General articles

These are also partially linked to in the above manuals, but are relevant for many more phone models.


This collects articles about productive and privacy-enabled usage of Android, not tied to any phone model.


Chunks of knowledge that have to be sorted into the above or new articles.

  • Creating backups. Boot into 4EXT Recovery and choose to do a backup from the menu option for it. It will backup everything that's not on the SD card (so, system partition and apps) to the SD card.
  • Hard reset procedure.
  • Legality in Europe. "The Free Software Foundation Europe argues that it is legal to root or flash any device. According to the European Directive 1999/44/CE, replacing the original operating system with another does not void the statutory warranty that covers the hardware of the device for two years unless the seller can prove that the modification caused the defect."
  • Spare part source: spare parts and tools for many HTC phones (also others).
  • Checking a MD5 sum in command line (note that you have to place exactly two spaces after the MD5 hash for this to work):
    echo "fefbcf7a411df7df31fea65417d92f36  filename.ext" | md5sum –check
  • Spare parts source:
  • Spare parts source in Germany:–ersatzteile.php
  • HTC Desire HD disassembly with photos (no video):
  • headset hardware repair when the buttons do not work:
  • Spare parts source:
  • Spare parts and tools source:

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