Category: technology

  • CNC milling a house

    Browsing the Internet, I had an idea. There are currently prototypes of “3D printers for printing houses“. As an extension to this, and especially interesting for the developing world: how about a robot that can autonomously dig a house underground, consuming just water and electricity and needing nothing in addition to build the full house? […]

  • Welcome to the world of Fabbing

    The Internet contains a subculture for everything imaginable. Here is the Fabber subculture. This is especially cool that such a thing exists, as I envisioned something in that direction, esp. also for EarthOS. Here it is: the culture of creating your products yourself. They have, so far: the public inventory list for the “official” MIT fab […]

  • Star in a home-made jar

    Something happened today that has not happened for a long, long time since I know the Internet. I was seriously bedazzled. Totally speechless. I read through complex scientific texts for hours, understanding less than half, and still wondered if all this is just a big fat joke. Fact is, I found a blog of a […]

  • Dijkstra on bloatware

    I spent the day tracing some really bad bugs. Here are some good 1972 quotes from Dijkstra, who recognized the danger of unmanaged software complexity that early. “Finally, although the subject is not a pleasant one, I must mention PL/1, a programming language for which the defining documentation is of a frightening size and complexity. […]

  • Squaring the circle – solved by a sausage

    I’m jus’ sitting here, listening to some Reggae on Radio Paradise and having dinner. Doing so, I solved the squaring of the circle problem. This happened when I was slicing a cylindric piece of sausage. Tired of round slices, I put the piece upright and noticed that the slices are now rectangles of different sizes. […]

  • An old draft for an expedition vehicle …

    What to do to files that are too good to throw away, and to useless to keep them in their place? Blog them! Here’s a image manipulation draft that I did to a Magirus Mercur of a friend, and to a workshop box body (that I wanted to buy originally, before getting the freezer box […]

  • My anti-nuclear concept

    The static reach of the world’s exploitable Uranium is 70 years. Which means it’s fairly easy to solve the problem of nuclear weapons once and for all. A state would have to devote itself to consume as much nuclear material in reactors as possible. They’d build new reactors and buy nuclear material worldwide. That way […]