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  • What is the “lashing capacity” LC of lashing straps?

    It seems like this: The lashing capacity LC according to the norm (EN 12195-2) means the maximum allowed force on the strap in straight pull. When buying lashing straps, you might get an additional second LC measure that is double of the normal LC. This is the lashing capacity in round pull. Why is round […]

  • Towards the free and open way of learning Spanish

    Practice is the best way to learn a language. But of course. You don't need a school to practice, but still, my school English got me started. Now I'm starting at zero with Spanish, and I wonder how to do that. So here, I explore the best available tools. As usual for an open source enthusiast, […]

  • How to measure and specify v-belts?

    Standards for v-belt profiles Basically, there are these groups of v-belt and other belt profiles in use in Europe today: conventional or classic v-belts (German “klassische Keilriemen”): standardized in DIN 2215 / ISO 4184; using one-letter profile names in different sizes (Z, A, B, C, D, E), in many cases the profile is also named […]

  • Crazy materials

    During a 3D programming customer project, I accidentally created some textured materials with a really strange look … unlike anything I’ve seem in the real world:

  • Aggregation, not ingenuity

    I found what really brings the world forward: perseverance resp. aggregation. This can be aggregation of knowledge, of tools etc.. Everything large or powerful is something aggregated that has been developed in many years. The whole technological culture of humanity is actually something that was aggregated over thousands of years. Aggregation is actually much more […]

  • Invention: The end of the text

    I have some ideas in mind how to structure content in a way that is more adequate for skimming. Long texts are simply not really navigable in the finer portions (only in chapters and subchapters), and that makes them unadequate for serving in a workplace for content (snippets of scientific work etc.) and as a […]

  • My Deepwater Horizon response

    Two or three days ago, I had an idea what to do to stop the flow of oil from the Deepwater Horizon incident in the Gulf. Just entered it into the public suggestion form that you can reach via Suggestions. And as sort of a “yes I was (virtually) there” souvenir, here is the […]