Category: sociology & psychology

  • Lulled into the system

    Being awake means being aware of your situation. The more you are awake, the more you realize about your situation. If you are fully awake, you are able to realize and judge your situation from an external position (“on a meta level”). With this in mind I need to say, I have long been not […]

  • On granting access to my mind

    I thought about what I would do if I really, really care about somebody and take somebody seriously. Like, say, in a partnership. I think the deepest expression of that, for me, would be something most other people will think is quite strange: shared information management. The most important part of my thinking is externalized […]

  • The problem of community

    Why is it that there is so few real (authentic and helpful) community in our Western societies? At least in Germany? At least in the part of Germany that I know? Community, just as climate and faith, is no material entity, but rather a statistical figure, or if you want, an informational entity. That is, […]

  • True versus untrue emotions

    Adding to an inspiring conversation (thanks, Judith 😉 ) at a party yesterday, here are some thoughts on the adequate role of emotions. Human emotionality is the image of God’s. In this sense, we cannot determine if there is any innate “meaning” in emotionality: the eternal God could’ve found himself to have emotionality, and could […]

  • The engineer masters the world?

    Through all my education I’ve thought that people with good technical and intellectual abilities are in an enviable situation when it comes to utilizing the world and influencing it. That’s one of the reasons why I invested here. The result: a guy with a relatively broad range of education in computer hardware, software, programming, Internet […]

  • Women's bonus

    There’s currently a very funny thing happening in my favourite 4×4 truck forum. A young woman wants to buy herself a Magirus Mercur 4×4 truck, to live in it. She asked the forum for tips how to check the vehicle and how to drive home, and got a deluge of tips, hints, help, private phone […]

  • It's called pair relationship

    Ones choice of words expresses, among other stuff, ones conceptualization of things. Ones understanding of the world and the relationship of the things inside. Regarding choice of words, I always wondered what might be an appropriate word for the “marriage” relationship type, including the pre-marital time that shares the same type of relationship quality. It’s […]