It's called pair relationship

Ones choice of words expresses, among other stuff, ones conceptualization of things. Ones understanding of the world and the relationship of the things inside.

Regarding choice of words, I always wondered what might be an appropriate word for the “marriage” relationship type, including the pre-marital time that shares the same type of relationship quality.

It’s not to be called friendship: it encompasses a friendship, but has some exclusive quality that distinguishes it from that. It’s not to be called partnership, as again, it encompasses partnership, but has some exclusive quality that distinguishes it from that. Because, I may have other partners in addition to my spouse … e.g. business partners, accountability partners in an intentional community setting etc..

But I finally got to a conclusion (inspired, not my own idea, though). I now have the right word for the special pre-marriage and marriage man-and-woman relationship type. This word is: pair relationship. In German: “Paarbeziehung”.

Start date: 2009-01-19
Post date: 2009-01-19
Version date: 2009-01-19 (for last meaningful change)







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