Category: philosophy

  • True versus untrue emotions

    Adding to an inspiring conversation (thanks, Judith 😉 ) at a party yesterday, here are some thoughts on the adequate role of emotions. Human emotionality is the image of God’s. In this sense, we cannot determine if there is any innate “meaning” in emotionality: the eternal God could’ve found himself to have emotionality, and could […]

  • The over-application of antithetic truth

    This is inspired by an excerpt of Francis A. Schaeffer: The God Who is There. Basically, Schaeffer unveiled the transition from the “old” understanding of truth as concordance with facts in the objective world, to the “post-modern”, Hegelian understanding, where truth is an ever-changing synthesis, created in the clash of synthesis and antithesis in discourse. […]

  • Passion as the key to motivation

    I’ve wondered once and again why I have such a little level of motivation in my life, when comparing to others. It seems that I’m slowly getting to recognize the causes now. As, one cause seems to be: I did not allow me to be passionate about anything. Why that? As a rational thinker, my […]

  • Am I libertarian?

    Searching for my last blog post by Google made me find highly entertaining stuff. The fact that I find it entertaining probably makes me a libertarian. What is it? First, the Seasteading Project. They’re going to populate the ocean in international waters, i.e. founding new states as laboratories for new kinds of societies. It’s not […]

  • Logicians also should accept themselves

    Decomposition as hindering being “intuitively human” Or: “Why logic is no valid maxim”. “Maxim”, for the context of this post, shall mean “the single, highest principle that guides all activity of a human being”. When conducting research in any aspect of analytic anthropology, an anthropological model arises according to which man is composed of components. […]

  • Relax, this is war

    During my service in the German army (Deutsche Bundeswehr), I made an interesting experience. During the basic military education, there were many situations and circumstances that really sucked. This got on our nerves, and all of us were really frustrated and pissed off. Now, when the situations sucked beyond a certain threshold, the interesting experience […]

  • On Bullshit

    Just a quick thought: some months ago I heard of the book “On Bullshit“ from philosopher Harry G. Frankfurt (Princeton University Press). It even arouse some public attention when it came out in 2005 and got the 2005 Bestseller Awards, Philosophy Category. The thing that got me was simply this extremely stylish title of the […]