Category: philosophy

  • Damned to stay yourself?

    It is shocking to see that adults are damned to stay as they are. Only children are supported to learn something new, but once they threw you into the world of the adults to go out and earn your own money, all support is gone. It seems they just intended to educate you as far […]

  • Don't fight the circumstances – change them

    From a practical, motivational and experience-based perspective, it is useless to try to do something that is not favoured by the current circumstances, if that activity is something regular or habitual or something that requires many contributions over time (as part-time work). Such attempts will all fail eventually, and up to that point of time, […]

  • Life's too short, too messy

    And has too many meaningless details. Look at this well-known YouTube clip and you will know the impression I got: Source: Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years. When looking at women, everything is a little bit more colorful, but the essence is the same:  She takes a photo every day […]

  • Physics might be simply information processing

    People have speculated (also before the movie “Matrix”) if this world is actually a simulation. It is said that, if one finds a “limit of resolution” in physics, that might be a hint that this world is indeed simulated. Now the quantization of energy could actually be this limit … When taking this idea theologically, […]

  • Rational and non-rational approach to life

    Most people are mainly non-rational (emphasis on emotion, beauty, fun, comfort, music, art), while I am one of the very few that are mainly rational (emphasis on truth, logic, adequateness, technology, function). This leaves us with very few common ground to talk about and so is a main communication barrier. However, I must admit that […]

  • A contribution to the qualia problem

    It seems that I just got a thought that might be a contribution to the problem of qualia. Qualia might be, simple and amazing, the sense impression of a sense impression. What does that mean? Sense impressions per se, that is, data as such, cannot generate qualia, as data is only sufficient for identifying external […]

  • Some weird thoughts on free will

    I recently started to verbalize my ideas on what the “basics of reality” are, resulting from some years of rather casual thinking about the “basic questions of life”. In that process, I hit with the concept of free will, which is a challenging problem in my system. Wherever one speaks of “free will” and means […]