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  • Is human spirit brain-powered?

    Introduction Some of my previous articles contained experimental thoughts about the nature and relationship of human spirit and body. Namely: How identity is resurrectable Wherefore do we spend our breath? insights: spiritual reality and its interface (Teil 1) (German) insights: spiritual reality and its interface (Teil 2) (German) Wesen der Personhaftigkeit, Wesen des Geist-Seins (German) […]

  • How identity is resurrectable

    My recent article “Wherefore do we spend our breath?” elaborated somewhat on the idea of creating immortality by part-by-part exchange of the whole body, including digitization of the brain. It was argued that identity and even subjective, “perceived” identity would outlive this process. These speculations brought me to some further speculations. Note that this stuff […]

  • Wherefore do we spend our breath?

    Don’t pal up with the last reality When taking an honest approach to life, one must take the most important problem to be most important. One must face reality. So, what is the most important problem of man? It’s the last reality: death. It renders all nothing, destroys what you made of you, ignores what […]

  • Chaos factory world

    It’s juts like in a haywire company where everything is like hey-go-mad. Say, some stuff rolls out of a high-level rack and strikes somebody dead. Now, who is responsible, who has to bear the blame for this industrial accident? The safety representative of the company? The staff manager who hired a underqualified person for that […]

  • Createdness and creativeness

    Yesterday and the day before that I thought about some commercial activities I wanna get myself into. And I had to think about if that sorta planning and intending is alright in God’s sight or not. As I knew of some verses which say something hereunto but I wouldn’t understand. Me thinks I got some […]

  • What ain't banal?

    Is all of life banal? Me thinks it’s justified to ask so, as the non-banality is nowhere obvious at first glance. To find it, one should define it. I propose here the following definitions: Each situation defines one or some actions as appropriate (or: wise, adequate, necessary, essential) answers to the situation. To act non-banally […]

  • Is wisdom indirect?

    I’m here in the course of trying to find how to live with God practically. (Jus’ to be clear: with the God of the bible, as there is no other being who deserves this title, as it means: the supreme being, the highest one, above all.) Now, umh, here I’m going to deal with the […]