Category: autarkism

  • A new system for social security

    In today’s modern societies, social insurances do not work any longer as they are simple too costly, i.e. inefficient. This new system is intended to solve that. The basic idea is to no longer have the whole society as the solidarity community, but a subgroup of people who made contributions of their time, some money, […]

  • Gesellschaftsmodell »Autarke Communities«

    This time I’m writing in German, as by chance, I wrote the idea in German when it came to my mind today. It’s the further development of the »Multiplying Power Community« idea into a model for a society, with jump-start-ability. Contact me if you need the contents in English. Bzgl. der Grundversorgung autarke Communities als […]

  • The flash company

    If I’ve learned something from the current financial crisis, then it is that big systems may result in big disasters. So durability in times of crisis needs small, flexible systems with a good degree of autarky. If this is the case, recession should not really harm anybody: in Germany, the GDP may drop in 2009 […]

  • Undestructible economy

    The financial crisis, its concrete and deeper causes The financial markets are currently in an uproar, and independently of if and how these problems will be solved, we should ask what their deeper cause is, and how to protect economy from that. First, regarding the concrete causes, I found the following material to be a […]

  • My world has no houses

    I don’t wanna sound proud and I do. I’m building my own world right now. A world without houses, but with homes. A world without streets. A world without passenger cars. A world where 4-10 people live on 13m², with a living room of 148,939,100,000,000 m². A world where one can work from anywhere in […]

  • Autarky escape from the hedonic treadmill

    The hedonic treadmill Here is the basic assertion of our economy: the needs of human beings are infinite (… but the means to fulfill them are finite, so we have to be economical). Infinite needs are surely observable, but what’s the reason behind? From an evolutionist perspective it looks like this: “And there are more […]