The command is the same as when burning CDs with limited speed, just that you need to use DVD speed factors instead of CD speed factors. Not all factors work; you can see what will work in the line “Starting to write CD/DVD at speed   4.0 in dummy SAO mode for single session.” shown just before starting to burn in dummy mode.

With the Panasonic DVR-K05 burner for example, speeds 2 and 4 do work, and 4 is the maximum supported. If you specify an unsupported speed factor, it is corrected to its nearest lower working equivalent.
To specify your desired speed, use commands like:

  • wodim speed=2 -v -dao /path/to/image.iso;
  • wodim speed=4 -v -dao /path/to/image.iso;

If you do so, wodim will burn with that speed right from the start. But it might be that, when specifying speed=4, wodim will start buring with speed=2 and accelerate later, just as it does when not specifying any speed value.

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