Being one being

The Bible talks about the marriage relationship in Gen 1-2
somewhere, saying that a couple will become “one flesh”. This inspired
me to think about what this involves … and I must admit that I’m
deeply fascinated by the idea of “merging personalities” while I am
unable to grasp it due to my all-too-natural, all-too-human, egoistic
attributes. Sad situation. So, before going to sleep today, let me
marvel at a merge of two personalities into one, impossible for humans
yet, possible only in some defect part of the whole, but marvellous
alltogether. As marriage is the best “experimenting area” for
personality merges, the following lines are written from the view of a
(totally fictitious) couple:

Loosing those wishes
that covered my face
and they fly away like in fear
joining with yours to create something complicated in a different place.

What remains is just
a deep desire to remove the between
and to never know what will happen to us

My plans for us lost
their meaning
since there is no us any more
leaving something one
that is neither me nor you
and has its own way of life that is nor my nor thine
its own flavour that is neither mine nor yours
its own habits clothing friends food faith and whatsoever
everything new.

And I wondered where
this will bring me
when I realized that there was no “me” any more
and I stopped wondering.
The we is not wondering
but it knows not where it goes either
but it’s brave and curious
so it just moves with the flow.

Flowing with the flow
as if in gravitation from an unknown source
no need to care for our relationship
because there is none
there is just one
we am us.

Start date: 2007-09-16

Version date: 2007-09-16 (for last meaningful change)



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5 responses to “Being one being”

  1. Anonymous

    are you married??????????

  2. matew

    That’s a simple one: no.

    But me thinks your question is more of an ingenious verbalization for: You guy, it seems that you never tasted the disenchanting reality of marriage. Else you would’ve lost _that_ naive idealistic assumptions about the quality that’s possible in human relationships.

    Well, umh … . You’re right. Life’s no box of chocolates. Sometimes I’m glad that I didn’t taste what it is instead, sometimes not.

    But here, I’d prefer my ideals coming real, not the present reality. Wherefore I’d love to keep the focus on something beyond current reality. Wherefore I ask:

    Is marriage mostly of moderate quality because folks hesitate to give up themselves for the sake of this greater thing, the new two-person-society?

    Is our western hyper-individualistic culture an impediment to realize that there is more than just individuals?


  3. Anonymous

    intersting ideas, but anyhow:
    we all live in realitiy. Sadly, life is no ideal journey.
    In my opinion it´s more interesting and personal helpful to think about how to handle the non-idealistic circumstances in our daily life, than … mhm …..think about ideals out of reach.

  4. matew

    Dear reader, the ideals I think about are meant to be personally helpful, just as your thoughts 😉

    We’re just coming from opposite directions. To use software engineering analogies, you’re doing it bottom-up and I am doing it top-down.

    I deeply respect the “bottom-up” people who are able to cope with the “sub-ideal” quality of daily life; I marvel at pragmatically gifted persons who thrive in a hostile world. It’s just not my style.

    Wherefore I think and write about top-down solutions. They might seem extreme and bizarre to some but are hopefully at least inspiring to all. After all, this blog is about neveryday life, which is, not about everyday life 😉

    So, blesses! Please keep commenting if you feel I need this to come down to earth, and keep tuned if you feel inspired here.


  5. Anonymous

    I think, you´re right with the bottom-up and top-down theory. I never thought about this before. Interesting and helpful to realize the own view of life. Thank you for this!
    For me it´s more helpful in daily life-callenge, to see a possible next realistic bottom-up-step to chance over sadly non-idealistic circumstances. Step by step ….. Goals out of reach or the top-down ideas demoralise me, because of their most highest and out of reach standard.
    But anyhow: God thanks, we are all diffrent. I respekt people like you, who are challenged by high standards and not demoralised.

    God bless you and your neveryday-ideas 🙂

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