This refers to the situation in 2011-05, which according to officialy might change in the near future.

  • You need to be a “Profi-Account” user to add videos to your offers.
  • There is a “Foto-Show” feature, but this is different from the real “video” feature; it displays the images you uploaded to as a slideshow and is generated automatically for a vehicle if you are a Profi-Account user and uploaded 5 or more images to a vehicle.
  • For “real” videos, it is impossible to add them via a HTML form when creating offers directly on It is only possible by using the data import interface; but that might change in the future, depending on user demand [source; to access this, you must be logged in with your account].
  • Now, to transfer a video URL with the “data import interface” to, you can use a third-party data service provider. However, it is also possible to use the FTP or HTTP interface oneself (after getting individual permission for that; contact customer support for that). Refer to the FTP / HTTP interface documentation on how to import your video URLs. If the above link is gone, you can find the documentation at: -> Händlerbereich -> Anbieten -> Schnittstelle -> Schnittstelle (Anleitung) -> Technische Dokumentation (PDF).

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