This problem arises e.g. when you use StampIt! in a Windows virtual machine with Linux, because Linux is not supported natively yet. Then you might want to print the stamp in (or whatever) documents, but how?


  1. In your Windows virtual machine, create a PDF pseudo printer (PrimoPDF or other, there are some free to download).
  2. Print from StampIt to your PDF pseudo printer. Normally, a window will appear that asks you where to save your file. You may save it directly in a directory that you can access from your Linux host OS (e.g. a VirtualBox shared directory, if you use VirtuslBox as your VM).
  3. Open the PDF file in Linux with GIMP (import with at least 300dpi).
  4. Use the “auto crop image” feature of GIMP.
  5. Use the “brightness & contrast” feature of GIMP, choose maximum contrast and minimum brightness. This prepares your image for black&white, because greyscale printing will destroy the 2D barcode here.
  6. Use the “image: mode: one bit palette” feature in GIMP.
  7. Save as a PNG image. Steps 3-6 can also be performed by an automated script using ImageMagick.
  8. Insert the image in your OOo document, choosing “anchor to page” and “run-through”, placing it simply to hide the normal address (which stays intact this way).
  9. Print your document out.

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