The technical approach

Well folks, I need to communicate better. For years, I want some
sort of people to understand and accept some elements of my lifestyle,
but was not successful. They even cannot see what I’m talking about, or
what might be the sense. So I need to communicate better, and will
train this in this post somewhat. For example, I want people to
understand my “technical approach” to many (not all) problems in life.
So, what is the technical approach, communicated in a way that
non-technical people will understand, and so that they get a chance to
accept what is said.

The technical approach is whenever things are esteemed more
important than people. But this is always for a limited time, and only
because people decided beforehand that it should be that way.
For example, whereever people decide that they want to have / build /
create / modify something, the technical approach is about
getting this done the most efficient way. At times, the practical
execution of this approach might seem extreme and strange to socially
minded people; so it’s important for tham to keep in mind that it’s
just about what people wanted.

Doing things the technical way exhibits some common characteristics:

  • You must be interested how things work, not just how you can deal
    with people.
  • While in the technical area, people have to adapt to technology
    and, at times, obey technology. For example, to extend a software
    system, you need to use the programming language it was written in, not
    the one you are enthusiastic about.
  • When interfacing with technology, it is best to work without
    emotions, “mechanically”, just like the technology itself. For example,
    nothing gets better if you get impatient with technology and throw it
    against the wall. Likewise, fear of destroying something blocks you
    from learning more about technology.
  • At times, even the interfacing between people should be done in a
    “technical way”, without emotions and typical expressions of humanity.
    To get things done, it is in most cases the most efficient way if you
    behave as technology would. For example, military forces use a special
    “command language” to communicate with each other in a tank and between
    tanks over radio systems. Here, it is prescribed what words to use for
    what purpose, and misunderstandings are greatly limited that way.
    Abstractly, this expresses that the “thing” of gaining victory in a
    fight is more important than the people who are involved in it.
  • You must judge problems the technical way. When dealing with
    people, the importance of (social) problems is measured by each one’s
    subjective measure, and then it is negotiated what is to be done. When
    dealing with technology, the importance of (technical) problems has to
    be measured by objective, technical measures: according to its effects
    on technology.

Start date: 2007-10-19
Post date: 2007-10-20
Version date: 2007-10-20 (for last meaningful change)







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