What exactly was God’s purpose with the Babylonian confusion of tongues? Trying to capture it abstractly, it seems to be this: to prohibit overly synergistic / overly efficient collaboration of people in the future. Because doing this, sinful men would do something against God’s will (like building that central city with its tower instead of filling the Earth) and that something would also harm themselves (actually, dictator Nimrod ruled that city Babylon).

If we put it that generally, the effects are still there today. We have overcome the language problems partially after several thousands of years now, but the deeper problems are still there: people are not able to communicate good enough and to collaborate good enough so that something truly great (or truly terrible, if people had their will) could emerge.

Even the problem of language confusion is just a symptom of a deeper problem: if people had been determined enough, they simply could have set up a research and learning system that is about studying languages, and then could have defined a standard language that everybody would have to learn. But that did not happen, because people’s will to communicate and collaborate was broken. Thanks God, one has to say. But otherwise, if there would be “good” people, they also would lack the ability to communicate and collaborate perfectly now, which renders them unable to do something truly great and powerfully good for this world …

Perhaps you already read about my “power community” vision. One way to grasp it is: it’s avout reversing these communication and collaboration friction loss problems, but on a small scale (like 7-10 people). On a global scale, it would only do harm to reverse these problems, and God will probably keep us from doing that …

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