On intuition

Hey, I’m going to try out a new form of blogging: 10-minute posting. That is, one post must not take longer to write than 10 minutes (surprise!). Though this will affect quality, I’ll hopefully get out more of the thoughts that come to my brain … currenty, most are stored in FreeMind mindmap.

This time, it’s about intuition, inspired by a great discussion with a brother of mine, who’s currently undergoing preparation for an actor’s school. There, he had to train intuitive behavior.

So what’s intuition? Just some thoughts:

  • It seems to be the lower-level programming of the brain, comparable to “firmware” in devices of information technology. As such, it is the first thing we’d want to do, but it can be superseded by higher-level programs. Which consist, for example, out of social norms for adequate behavior or long-term goals that make us cange or hold back contraproductive short-term behavior.
  • They say, most people have forgotten how to behave intuitively, that is, “what they really want”.
  • Some (emotional) people are uncapable of analyzing their own intuitive behavior, they just “feel that something is right”. Other (analytical) people are used to observe themselves closely, so that they can assign detailed descriptions and reasons to their intuitive motivations. This might seem to others as if they cannot be intuitive at all, but that’s not the case: the threshold of analyze-ability is different.

Now it’s interesting to see that our own, intuitive behavior is, on average, of no good moral quality. ’cause of that, our society needs rules to function. The ideal case (and I believe that was the case with Jesus and in Paradise) is where intuitive behavior is congruent with socially adequate behavior. Then, no conflict between what I want and what I should arises.







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