Impression management in your head

Got a feel how the brain works: reality causes impressions on it. Impressions would be a kind of representations of external reality in the neuronal network of the brain; quite a fuzzy thing, in no way discrete. Then, impressions interact (overlap, collide etc. with each other and with impressions from memory) and feelings / thoughts / inner impressions emerge from that. So a brain is in no way comparable to a computer, and “discrete thinking” is unusual business for a brain. Intuitive thinking however would be natural: the result of “impression combination” is intuitive, in the sense that the exact “calculations” that led to it are not accessible by introspective observation.

(This is of course not science, but descriptive imagery, which even has to be checked for correctness still. But one should not underestimate powerful imagery in science: it works of a catalyst in research. And I definitely did not see imagery about the general function of the brain and about intuition so far …)






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