Good spiritual weather

Sometimes it happens that I am very frustrated in the evening and go
to bed with a depressed, angry mood, really pissed off by everything
and everybody. The world seems all dark, and actually it is, as it is
late at night, e.g. 2 a.m.. Then the next morning I wake up early, and
I am awfully confused. I expected to be in the same mood as the last
evening, but I am cheerful, motivated, witty, in best mood. I remember
that it took me a good deal of thought to track this down, and I found
out that it was due to the … weather!! While the past days had been
full of mist, clouds and rain, this morning is very sunny, full of
fresh air, and all the light and air creeped into my room and made me
wake up. It was so much light that it enlightened the room though the
shutters were down … .

This is always a delightsome experience to me. And it helped me with
something different, too. Recently, I wondered what analogy is adequate
to depict the stirrings of the Holy Spirit. Some recent observations
and the above example inspired me to propose it might be in analogy to
good weather, at least sometimes. The Spirit does not seem to produce
the “fruit of the Spirit” [Gal
5:22 ESV
] by simply dictating people what to do, but rather by
providing the atmosphere and the light that inspires and motivates to
think and act in good quality. Whereas the default environment of men
is just spiritual darkness and a depressing, all-grey, hopeless
spiritual weather.

Start date: 2008-01-20
Post date: 2008-02-01
Version date: 2008-02-01 (for last meaningful change)







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