Dependency makes criticism mild

The need to earn money in the system creates dependency, which creates the fear of consequences. So the need to conform to the system is the origin of fear about what will happen if one does not conform to the system. Which is in permanent conflict with the need to tell “the system” where it is wrong. So to speak, all people are inside investigators of the “system” (their local aspect of world society), which means their conclusions and sharpness of uttering them is seriously flawed, as in any inside investigation. Unlike Jesus: he told people what they are, from a position of independence and strength. The power community / resilient community concept is a way towards a position more like that.

People are always quick to condemn and criticize global developments and situations, but hesitate to apply the same standards and sharpness to their local area in daily living. Because they fear negative effects might fall back on them, as they are in the weaker (dependent) position.

However, also do not forget that Jesus was 30 years long “in the system”, earning his money inside the system, being dependent on the system. Did he not “dare” to talk to people the same way as later, because of this dependency?







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