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  • To the next level of thrill

    This is about the feeling of “falling in love” and other thrills. Let’s start with an ingenious quotation from Mr. C. S. Lewis: “People get from books the idea that if you have married the right person you may expect to go on ‘being in love’ for ever. As a result, when they find they […]

  • So what makes life interesting?

    So what makes life interesting? The answer is ludicrously simple: emotions. Mainly the positive ones. But not exclusively, because people maiinly want to be entertained by emotion to lead an interesting life, and just on top of that want a good life (and both interests sometimes even conflict). This desire for emotions is behind much […]

  • The new role of women

    A women lives to be a mother: you can detect that from what they care about and deal with (people, people, people …) and how they like being a mother. I respect that. It’s a very important contribution as humanity would die out without mothers; men and all of humanity is only “through the women” […]

  • On irresponsible parenthood

    I think it’s irresponsible to be fond of children because they’re light-hearted and unburdened. Yea really; if people feel the adult world as a burden, but don’t fix that world, instead glorify childhood until their children grow up and suffer from that same world.

  • What a poor surrogate: money

    A paid day job makes me feel like a bee: they take away what I have been working for, and give me a cheap surrogate. They take the honey and give me money … I mean, really: the most rewarding thing of work is to experience the personal, immediate benefit effectuated by the work done. […]

  • Systems perspective on people

    On persons as systems What’s really interesting, and I am not aware of anybody who has researched into it, is how do people work as personalities from a systems perspective? Every person can be seen as a psychodynamic system; to maintain proper operation, motivation, enjoyment, relaxation etc. are needed and have to come from some […]

  • Implicit and explicit communication

    I got a new view on communication: non-verbal communication should be considered an asset. Something valuable. People say that 90% of messages are transported non-verbally, so we should see non-verbal communication as increasing the bandwidth of our communication  by a factor of 9! However, many people see the realm of non-verbal communication rather as a liability, […]