Category: diversion

  • Political street art: Espere Revolución

    On a nice evening with a friend in Málaga this October, we developed this idea for political street art. (We were kinda oversugared from the best icecream in town … it explains something, doesn’t it? 😀 ) Initially we wanted to cut our own “Espere Revolución” signs and install them over the city’s normal push-button boxes […]

  • Hipster or hobo?

    First, head over here and have a look at the picture. Now: can you tell – Hipster or Hobo? Last Wednesday, I have been to Klassikstadt Frankfurt, in a car seller seminar. Well, kind of. It turned out to be more of a sales promotion event for a new type of seller account. But […]

  • Crazy materials

    During a 3D programming customer project, I accidentally created some textured materials with a really strange look … unlike anything I’ve seem in the real world:

  • Absurd, interesting, anything: misc nerdy links

    In my collection of blog post drafts, a sediment of very short posts accumulated that only contained a link and a note. Too short to post, but combined, they make up a nerdy mixture from interesting to fanciful: How to improve cognition. Not by brain exercises, they say, “But there are other proven ways to […]

  • Vielleicht hörn sie nicht hin …

    YouTube-Links sind ja zu einem beliebiten Blogpost-Inhalt geworden … jetzt hab’ ich auch mal einen den ich gerne posten würde. Also dann, Bildschirm frei für Xavier Naidoo’s »Vielleicht hörn sie nicht hin« als Musikvideo.