Category: critique of economics

  • Moneywell

    Money is not the “central resource”, is not “all that one needs”. In an autarky-centered economic approach, money is just the means to obtain what one cannot (yet) create oneself. But still, it has to come from some source. And because of that, here is a concept developed around my experiences on how to get […]

  • Unemployment, solved

    Employment is a supra-individual state of an economic system: in a society, people depend on each other, and on infrastructure, to be able to do economic activity. So without other peoples economic activity, and without infrastructure, there is a deadlock: all people wait on other people (the customers) and on infrastructure to be able to […]

  • So what is money?

    Many people quarreled about that. Here is my contribution: money is a right, or better, a system of rights. As with all rights, tolerated abuse of rights endangers the system: money for example stops to work where a state prints money in large amounts to pay for state expenses. The special thing about “money right” […]

  • Freiwirtschaft

    Just yesterday I found an interesting idea that could help to stabilize the ever self-destabilizing financial system, as is apparent in the current financial / economic crisis. The concept is called “Freiwirtschaft” (literally, “free economy”): “Freiwirtschaft” in the German Wikipedia (good introduction) “Freiwirtschaft” in the English Wikipedia (incomplete) Now I’m not a liberalist (any more): […]

  • Self-employment can be bad slavery

    I am on track of an interesting phenomenon that’s important when working self-employed: you have to protect yourself from economic self-exploitation. When being employed at another company, you might see your job as slavery. The thing however is, it is highly probably that your boss has learned that he’s got to treat his workforce not […]

  • Paying taxes by work time

    Currently, the state seeks only money from his citizens to perform its tasks. Which means that people who cannot pay money are a burden for the state. This would change radically if people are also able to pay their taxes by their work time. Or even better, if this is the default case. For example, […]

  • Joblessness is a symptom of decadent society

    Being jobless means being unable to care for ones own needs because one lives in a society where one depends on others (the “market” and the “employers”) to care for ones own needs. It seems that joblessness is an inherent phenomenon of highly civilized societies: due to the technology used, there simply is not enough […]