Money is not the “central resource”, is not “all that one needs”. In an autarky-centered economic approach, money is just the means to obtain what one cannot (yet) create oneself. But still, it has to come from some source.

And because of that, here is a concept developed around my experiences on how to get money: there are wells for every type of resource in the world (oil, food, technology, waste, water), but here we cannot use any of these but wells of money. You need to attach yourself to a well of money, to obtain money. At other places it can be found also, but only like crumbs lying on the floor, while a well provides continuous and rich supply. Or perhaps better than the well metaphor is the “pipe” metaphor: money flows through pipes in the social system of society, and you need to attach yourself to a pipe to get your share. Because where money flows in abundance, it is comparatively easy to obtain ones share by economic means; while it is really difficult in any economic area where money is scarce (free services like web portals; economies in developing nations; own inventions, products and other ideas; new NPOs that are not attached to government’s money flow etc.).

Of course, there are different money pipe sizes in the world. The bigger the pipe (the more money flows through it), the better the chance to attach ones own pipe and get a share. Good pipes are: government (like being a teacher or social worker), academia, self-employment in trade (ideally the new, not yet overcrowded areas). We do not include normal employment in capitalist industries, as these want to keep ideally all in their money pipe to themselves: they are quite harsh, demaning a lot and allowing only a small pipe … and the temp work industry is the worst here.

And then, when you have the minimal amount of indispensable money, move on towards autarchy; don’t rest on money, it cannot grant any kind of long-lasting security.

It is not yet clear however what exactly are the best money wells to attach to: Super rich people (owners or large companies) because they are willing to spend unreasonable amonts for luxury, way beyond its worth? Or perhaps rather well-working small companies that themselves are attached to an even larger money well (such as doctor’s offices, connected to health insurance companies)? Or perhaps the automated attaching to all the capillar money pipes of end customers, meaning what is left of the products after they have been bought (e.g. operating an electronics remanufacturing company; because remanufacturing is a not yet overcrowded area)?







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