Category: critique of economics

  • Commentary on Dr. Harald Wozniewski’s “mass purchasing power” argument

    This is my commentary on the analysis of monetary inflation and income development by Dr. Harald Wozniewski, as presented on, especially on page “60 Jahre Währungsreform – 60 Jahre Geldmengenwachstum“. Our task is first to determine the real inflation rate (not by means of a shopping basket, which is hedonically corrected etc.). This is simple: If the inflation […]

  • Interview: Mental and cultural aspects of struggling with the crisis in Spain

    First interview on this site – feels quite special 😉 This interview is with Gayane and Karine Akullian, two sisters from Barcelona, Spain, currently working on their latest book "Lucha" ("Struggle"). I like it a lot for being this fresh, out-of-the-box approach to the Spanish economic crisis: they focus on the personal, mental dimension of […]

  • Capitalism does not work

    I found an interesting quote. I put it here, translated from German by myself: So, capitalism never works out, because it constantly produces more than can be bought. That it can be maintained that long and produces a relative wealth for a small part of the human population is just because of perusing global differences […]

  • More Modern Money Mechanics

    Lately, I was engaged in a major discussion (thanks, uncle 😉 ) about the inner workings of the money and economic system. It was not really clear where the money to pay interest comes from … so now I invested some hours and found out about it. Here is a collection of various results. Modern […]

  • Aggregation, not ingenuity

    I found what really brings the world forward: perseverance resp. aggregation. This can be aggregation of knowledge, of tools etc.. Everything large or powerful is something aggregated that has been developed in many years. The whole technological culture of humanity is actually something that was aggregated over thousands of years. Aggregation is actually much more […]

  • What a poor surrogate: money

    A paid day job makes me feel like a bee: they take away what I have been working for, and give me a cheap surrogate. They take the honey and give me money … I mean, really: the most rewarding thing of work is to experience the personal, immediate benefit effectuated by the work done. […]

  • Suffering by the luxury of others

    Within each economic system, there’s an inherent maximum potential of wealth, due to the maximum efficiency of the system. This efficiency increases by economic growth, because this normally means more output while the input of manpower stays the same. If everybody had the same low aggressiveness in collecting that wealth, it would be equally easy […]