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  • 3D printing an island

    This is an invention meant to produce, eventually, an island in international waters, to legally found ones own state on it. That’s because of the difficulties of choosing an island for such an endeavour … there is essentially no terra nullius left. The idea is this: one or more solar powered, autonomous, self-steering, unmanned ships […]

  • Reliability engineering for social security systems

    So-called single points of failure “are undesirable in any system whose goal is high availability”; so teaches Wikipedia. Now, systems for social security are, on the one hand, designed with this in mind: resources that need to be highly available in individual life, such as health care and nutrition, should not depend on the individual’s […]

  • Unemployment, solved

    Employment is a supra-individual state of an economic system: in a society, people depend on each other, and on infrastructure, to be able to do economic activity. So without other peoples economic activity, and without infrastructure, there is a deadlock: all people wait on other people (the customers) and on infrastructure to be able to […]

  • Choosing an island

    Basically, why do we need a sovereign micro-society? The reason is not that it would be unbearable to live within a current state (some even deal quite respectfully with all their people, see e.g. the First Nations in Canada. The reason is that it could become unbearable to live in an existing state (like when […]

  • The monastery as a revived society model

    For years I am in search of better models for society. Here is another one. It has the special benefit that it can coexist with an area’s current political situation. A monastery (at least the way it is thought to be) is founded by people who are critical of the social and political situation of […]

  • Gesellschaftsmodell »Autarke Communities«

    This time I’m writing in German, as by chance, I wrote the idea in German when it came to my mind today. It’s the further development of the »Multiplying Power Community« idea into a model for a society, with jump-start-ability. Contact me if you need the contents in English. Bzgl. der Grundversorgung autarke Communities als […]

  • Ideas for Project 10^100: Multiplying Power Community

    This idea is one of a series of ideas that I posted to Google’s Project 10100 (it’s just before their deadline now, so I need to hurry up somewhat …). The other ideas were the psycho hygiene system and Natural Scientific Theology. In this project, Google collects ideas and will honor the five ideas that help […]