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  • The cream white area of contact with God

    In my articles “The third way of life in this world” and “What kinda company with God is possible?” I argued that God’s mediate gifts are the normal case and immediate contact with God is the rare case. Immediate contact with a supernatural being as God is itself supernatural by character, and supernatural experiences are […]

  • What is to court a woman?

    When a man courts a woman, what is it, and what should it be? You may recall your own experiences here, and I hope you agree that the worst thing that can be called “courting” is the uncovered, dumb, straightforward desire to get a woman into bed. And in the best case, courting is to […]

  • The third way of life in this world

    The thing searched after: life As humans, we search for many different things: friends, food, love, a living room, sex, a notebook, a family, some money and so on. Let’s summarize: we search for a happy, meaningful life, for a life worth living. Some people argue that God is where to find life because the […]

  • What kinda company with God is possible?

    Summary. This short article discusses what company is possible between human beings and God, and contains some initial thought on how to live these insights out. Company with God: as intended by God for this world, not as according to human’s intuitive ideal conception When this world was just finished, new and perfect, and everything […]

  • neveryday life

    Welcome, all you nice guys and gals. This is just the start of my long, long weblog which is not about everyday life, that is, in short, it is about neveryday life. So … welcome, nice to meet you. I’d suggest you schedule your next visit for the middle of August as I’ll have prepared […]

  • Notes on the CMS Lenya

    Regarding the content management system Apache Lenya: Installation instructions, a little FAQ, pupularity estimation, Lenya idea blogging and a list of some Lenya bugs and flaws. FAQ How to install the Lenya prerequisites? This answer deals with installing Lenya on SuSE Linux 8.1 (i386). Here, we go along the list of prerequisites for Lenya. Java […]