Against name-based societal interfaces

I agree that, in a society, one needs agreed-upon “interfaces” by which people are able to recognize other’s abilities and qualifications. However, I argue that the current implementation of that interfacing is or got compromized. I am therefore against this system.

The current implementation is based on “names” or “titles”, which entitle people to certain positions or rights, both in hierarchy-based parts of society (like the school teacher system, or politics, or military) and in non-hierarchical parts (like in the “free economy”). Names might include personal or company references (having worked for somebody special), education and degrees (like a dissertation, a diploma etc., all in a formal education system) and positions (having served for some time in some position).

Now the problem is, as with any meta layer or proxy measure that you introduce in society contexts (such as money), that people start to strive for the proxy (here, names instead of qualification; also applies to money instead of value; also applies to beauty instead of health). Because it takes less effort to reach the proxy than the thing it proxies (which is the attribute that makes such a system compromiseable).

Now this leaves us with a society full of hypocrites: people strive for names and titles, wasting all their time, money and energy for this, and qualification is just a bye-product. And society is then expected to live on that bye-product … poor society.

Also, technicians like me (here meaning: the people interested in technology and ability, not in names) are the losers in such a name-based society. I want to leave this and join another society …







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