10359 comments on what do emos want …

If you are, by chance, not too familiar with today’s subcultures,
I’m going to confuse you now the same way I confused me yesterday. By
looking at Amy’s
Video clip “Was ist Emo?”
(“What is emo?”) on YouTube. She had this
video online before (quoted in first version of this post), and it
reached 250,000 views and approx. 3000
comments, but then she removed it and re-entered it with comments
disabled. Doesn’t matter, you may look up the comments of another of
her videos, namely “Was
wollen Emos?”
(“What do emos want?”). She posted it in response of
the comments on the “Was ist Emo?” video, but the comments there did
not get any better (at the point of writing this, there are 558,925
views and 10,359 comments). Here’s the mentioned clip:

After watching, you can go more into depth by looking up Emo in Wikipedia.
Until yesterday, I didn’t know the word, nor that this qualifies as
“life content” for some people … . And then, if you wanna get deeply
frustrated about the state of current
society, remember to read at least 500 comments on “Was
wollen Emos?”
There are qualified, good comments, but this applies to maybe 5%.
Ignore them. For the 95%, the choice of words alone is so outragingly
disgusting … . If words could kill by themselves, you’d find some
hundred cadaver on that web page. I’m simply bare of words … and all
this started by just going to YouTube and choosing a random promoted
video clip. What adds to this are the insanely positive comments that
can also be found there, mostly from other emos … . It’s not that
I’ve any bias regarding individual “emos”. And regarding Amy, she
combines authenticity and coolness (see here) so that I
think, yea, she has great potential (not just on YouTube as DiamondOfTears).

But, guys ‘n’ gals: emo ain’t no way of responsible life, from the
perspective of society. To me, emo and all the other style-based
subcultures seem to deal only with aesthetics, music, fashion, fun and
hatred. You cannot live on that. You cannot build a society on that.
It’s all nothing.

If the quality of comments is representative for the quality of
in this country, we’re lost. The 5% clear-minded people cannot save us
from the mad once the old people died … .

By the way, a small technical note: if
you want to archive YouTube videos on your hard disk, e.g. to keep them
from disappearing as Amy’s first “Was ist Emo?” video did, you can use
the Linux program
youtube-dl. It’s in the Ubuntu archives, probably in multiverse. Issue
this command:

youtube-dl http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LV9nghiNnBU -o YouTube.WhatIsEmo.flv

Start date: 2008-05-16
Post date: 2008-05-17
Version date: 2008-05-29 (for last meaningful change)







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