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  • The necessity of pragmatic faith

    Introduction In the article “Called, the third way” from 2007-12-03 I came to the conclusion that one should “[v]iew your actions as essentially human activity in obedience to God’s general will, except where God’s immediate instructions surprise you.” And in the follow-up article “What we term relationship to Jesus” I argued that “relationship”, when applied […]

  • Without Cologne Cathedral

    The next, last and only “project” I really need to get done in this life is “Second Acts“, which deals with finding God at work in this world today, as a confirmation for my faith in God and Christ. For the project, cf. also my mindmap-style project plan in article “My vision for my life, […]

  • Reunifying sober and radical faith

    It seems to me that today, radical believers are not sober (“not that interested in truth”), while sober believers are not radical (“without effect”). But faith must be both, to have the right effect. Also, only sober and radical faith will lead to “life”, where this means a justified, appropriate and adventurous, interesting dealing with […]