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  • How to install OSMAnd~ maps via download to a computer?

    Downloading your OSMAnd~ maps to a computer and installing them to your Android phone from there has several advantages: Use cheaper or faster network access. In a case where, for example, there is no wifi available but your computer is connected by wired Ethernet network, downloading the maps to your computer is probably much faster […]

  • How to fix “Unable to allocate shared memory segment of 67108864 bytes” errors with php-fcgi?

    One of my websites was constantly throwing "Internal Server Error" errors, and that error appeared as follows in /var/log/apache2/error.log: Thu Oct 16 17:59:14 2014 (19446): Fatal Error Unable to allocate shared memory segment of 67108864 bytes: mmap: Cannot allocate memory (12) And that even though 9 GiB of memory was free. Also, only one website […]

  • How to create group-specific default panels in Drupal 7?

    Working solution Finding this solution was quite a nightmare. But, here it is. This assumes you have a working setup of Panels in Drupal 7 already. Use a group path prefix. Set up pathauto to include your group's path as a prefix for group content. This is a challenge by itself due to various bugs […]

  • What powerline adapter to use that can be fully managed under Linux?

    Powerline is a technology for transmitting data over the AC grid. All devices provide an RJ45 Ethernet plug (and some also wifi and USB), so they support client devices of all operating systems. Basic configuration of encryption is likewise OS independent, as nearly all of them use a "pairing" button for that. However, to set […]

  • How to fix excessive numbers of FTP connections in in TIME_WAIT state?

    When you use FTP for recursive downloads or uploads and the FTP server has a firewall installed, you might get blocked due to "too many connections". Nearly all of those connections would be in TIME_WAIT state, and are only visible on the server side (not when you check on your client with e.g. netstat -anp […]

  • How to repair an Android phone where only the bootloader works?

    Yesterday, I nearly bricked my phone (HTC Desire HD), but got it back up and running again. Here is how – it is a relatively simple technique but I did not find it on the web, so I thought I'd share it. Assume your phone (any Android phone for that matter) is in the following […]

  • How to use a webcam as a high-resolution scanner?

    All software that I found (esp. the many Android apps developed for this purpose) use the webcam by taking a single picture and improving it digitally to be a "scan". This however leads to low resolutions. A better way is to use several pictures and stitch them together. This would be possible most comfortably with […]

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