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  • Scientific Writing and Knowledge Management with Docear

    This is so far just a proposal – I did not fully test it out yet, but have exlored options for two days and this seems best, for my requirements. (And thanks to mantas in the comments, whose tip for Docear lead to this major rework of an earlier article, which was using Freemind instead.) Requirements […]

  • Statistical Design Meeting in Strasbourg

    Statistical Design Meeting and Workshop in Strasbourg, 2013-03-25 to -26. We worked quite intensively and at the same time, everybody seemed to enjoy it – that's how I like work to be 🙂 Thanks to everybody involved! All images on this page licenced under CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported, or at your option, any later version. […]

  • How to use multiple shoestrap themes for different parts of a WordPress blog?

    Setting up WordPress for this Download the Shoestrap theme [source]: cd <DOCUMENT_ROOT>/wp-content/themes/; git clone git://; Create two or more variants: mv shoestrap shoestrap-default; cp -a shoestrap-default shoestrap-special; Edit file style.css of both your template copies and edit the "Theme Name:" line, configuring a unique name for both. In the WordPress template list (, all your template copies should […]

  • How to fix a frozen gnome-shell without restarting X?

    If you have access to a Linux virtual terminal (Ctrl + Alt + F1 and so on), you can solve this issue without restarting the X Window System: Go to a virtual terminal and log in. Execute: gnome-shell –replace –display=:0.0 & You may now log out again (press Ctrl + D). The new gnome-shell will […]

  • How to migrate to WordPress Polylang?

    The WordPress Polylang plugin is a nice system to make your WordPress blog multilingual. However, if you had a different solution in use before, and have a lot of blog posts, migrating to Polylang is an effort that cannot reasonably be done manually. So I developed a little Ruby script polyglot2polylang.rb for that. It is meant […]

  • How to interface from Ruby to WordPress?

    WordPress offers different interfaces, and Ruby can access all of them. There are several scripts out there for these, but no "perfect one" yet. They are all in different stages of maturity and age, and none of them seems actively maintained. So, choose according to your personal needs and preferences: WordPress WXR interface I would propose […]

  • Hidden Stories

    At DIY Days Gothenburg, I showed the EarthOS project in the experience hall. With this, I collect and integrate open source alternatives for plain everything in life, and showcased things like Makerbot, Bitcoin, Open Source Ecology. What totally surprised me was how DIY Days contributed back: It made me understand that EarthOS is more story […]