Where do I get a service manual for Casio digital cameras?

Casio provides the user manuals for download. Examples:

User manuals in paper form are also available on eBay.

When it comes to service manuals, there are many places on the net that do illegally sell these service manuals (even on eBay, as a download product). Update: between 2010-11 when first writing this and 2011-07 when now reviewing this, this problem seems to have been fixed. I did not find any for sale this time.

However, there are a few places where to download them without charge. Note that you may not be able to find a manual for every camera type that way. Here are some that I found:

A great way to search for Casio Service manuals is to search for content that is highly specific to them, like for adj03ssaw.exe (which nearly only appears in the Casio Exilim service manuals).







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