I have long been asking myself in what technical form, if any, the resurrection of the dead would be possible. That is, how God can do it. Now I came up with one (of course speculative) answer. It “happened” by chance, because I read the two things within half an hour (as often, ideas are not ingenious, but the combination of several existing things). The two ingredients were:

  • “The biggest difference between time and space is that you can’t reuse time.” (Merrick Furst)
  • “Joshua Floyd on March 12, 2011, 5:35 PM […] Do you think it could be possible for any intellectual lifeforms to (with there vastly advanced technology) bring you back to life even if you decayed to nothing over time by looking or traveling into the past to see what once existed? My curiosity of this is triggered by the fact that I believe consciousness stops completely when a person dies. Therefore, when a person is brought back to life at whatever time, it seems to them like it’s only been a few moments (not millions of years).” [source]

So the idea is now: that it seems possible that “time” is used to store the events that are gone, including every single state of consciousness that we ever had, by storing the exact configuration of elementary particles. This would be stored “in physics”, as physics would then simply be larger than what is observable by us: we would constantly travel through the time dimension, without any ability to observe future or past. (We can only help ourselves with improvised solutions, like transmitting information from the past time by encoding it into matter (i.e. space), like by shooting a photo or video.)

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