The market economy exchanged efficiency for convenience. It is convenient that the market controls itself and no (possibly currupt) central control organization needs to be in place. It is inconvenient to control such a big thing as a national (or world) economy. However, central linear organization (i.e. upfront full task decomposition) and the uncontrolled market are not the only alternatives. To make the market efficient, we need not remove the “supply and demand” control principle but the cases where people try to play a trick to it: advertising of bad quality, selling mainly style instead of products, getting a monopol etc.. Wherefore the following could be a good tool: a central (national) register for supply and demand; each unfulfilled need can be registered here, and people are allowed to become suppliers if their business idea matches unfulfilled need. Additionally, suppliers can be forced to move their business focus if there is over-supply. This removes the inefficiency that comes from rivalry: what efficiency is in the doom of an enterprise, when all its fine-tuned infrastructure is ripped apart and sold below value at an compulsory auction? The whole (the organization thing) was so much more than the sum of its parts …

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